Parkway Youth Hockey is an organization that maintains and runs a hockey program open to and inclusive of all interested youth of the Parkway area: i.e. West Roxbury, Roslindale, and Jamaica Plain.
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Squirt/U10  splits will be posted to this page soon. Squirts/ U10 will skate with their groups on both March 7th and 12th. After these 2 sessions they will be regrouped and Skate on Wednesday, March 14th at either 5 or 6 PM


Squirt/ U10 3


5:00pm - 5:50pm



Barrett, Ava
Bernazzani, Audrey
Bernier, Sean
Chirkov, Misha
Chojnowski, Emily
Dankers, Adam
Dankers, Gregory
Deane, Sarah
Feehily, Paul
Gao, Jamie
Geraci, Caroline
Giordano, Jack
Goonan, Ryan
Gramer, Sofia
Greene, Taylor
Hagan, Dylan
Han, Allan
Horan, Gavin
Huff, Charles
Kern, Luke
Moussalli, Katherine
Naumann, Avery
Nelson, Isabella
Nolan, Evan
Paes, Kenneth
Paes, Tristan
Parlon, Zach
Rabinovitch, Zoe
Romiza, Gabriella
Shea, Annmarie
Szocik, Lia
Torpey, Patricia
Wilkens, Caroline
Yuzhakov, Arseny
Zarch, Raviv
Zarse, Stella




Squirt/ U10  4


6:00pm - 6:50pm



Aalto, Jack
Anastasiadis, Anastasios
Barbuto, Morgan
Berlucchi, William
Bernier, Robert
Brown, Cameron
Carey, Connor
Dervan, Edward
England, Marc
Farley, Ciara
Feeney, Daniel
Gaffey, Colby
Gallagher, Keegan
Goonan, John
Holland, Michael
Hubbard, Shannon
Jewell, Devlin
Kelly, Matthew
Kelly, Timothy
Lewis, Carter
Martell, Roman
McCool, Katherine
McLaughlin, William
Murphy, Brian
Nelson, Liam
Norton, John
Parker, Jacob
Piccinin, Anthony
Ritter, Jayden
Rousell, Stephen
Rowley, Nolan
Stamm, Patrick
Stevens, Cameron
Stotts, Jackson
Tobin, Marcus
Trimble, Kieran



Goalies attend both sessions





** If you feel your child's is not listed in error please contact Mike O'Brien at (cc or 617-692-0212**